Tyler Beckstrand

Tyler is a husband, creator, and proud father of a sweet baby boy through adoption. He and his family reside in a small valley in Northern Utah where he works professionally as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Tyler is a lover of books and is thrilled that he gets to share part of his family's story through the book We Found You.

We Found You

We Found You!

a book about adoption

by Tyler Beckstrand

We Found You! is the story of two people that want to be parents more than anything in the world. But, having a baby can sometimes be hard to do. Join them on their adventures as they take to the seas, climb the highest peaks, and even fly to the moon to find the family they were always meant to have. Together they face heartache and joy in a journey that leads to the beautiful, and selfless, idea called adoption. Parents and children alike will be captivated by the charming rhymes and playful illustrations that share how refusing to give up grew a family.

Hardcover, ages 3-10, 11"x8.5"

Bear's Book of Emotions

Bear's Book of Emotions

by Tyler Beckstrand

This book teaches children how to identify their feelings - a necessary skill in developing emotional intelligence. By viewing emotions as valid and worthwhile, children are better able to demonstrate empathy and strengthen relationships with others - and themselves.

Hardcover, ages 2-8, 8"x8"

El libro de emociones de Oso

El Libro de Emociones de Oso

por Tyler Beckstrand

Este libro enseña a los niños y niñas como identificar sus sentimientos - una habilidad necesaria para desarrollar inteligencia emocional. Entendiendo sus emociones como algo valioso e importante, niños y niñas pueden demostrar mejor la empatía y fortalecer sus relaciones con los demás - y ellos mismos.