Thomas Bender


Thomas is a seasoned freelance artist from Mesa, Arizona. He has a passion for creating and is currently completing an Associates degree in digital art and Illustration. He loves cartoons and enjoys spending time with friends and family on his days off.


Charlie & Emmet - Surgery Day

by Lori Ries

Illustrated by Thomas Bender

Everyone in Charlie's family loves Emmet, the dinosaur. Daddy has roaring conversations with him, and Mommy eats his cuisine. But it's Charlie who loves him most of all. She couldn't have asked for a better friend! He shares her food, reads her books, and when Mommy goes to the hospital, he helps take care of her.

What's it like having a dinosaur for a nurse?

Find out in these four short chapters - just right for beginning readers.

Hardcover ages 2-8, 8.5"x11"