Summer Parico

Born in the Philippines, Summer has loved to draw ever since she was a toddler. She works diligently to practice and grow in her talents. Her art has been entered in various art contests, taking first place in her grade level each time. In addition to her love of art, she enjoys singing and can often be found reading a book. Although she is right-hand disabled, she has never let it stop her from doing anything she sets her mind to! Summer is grateful for her family—especially her two sisters, who are always there when she needs them.


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Time for Jammies, Lambie

Written by Carrie Turley
Illustrated by Summer Parico

It’s time to get ready for bed, but Lambie has other plans. Like most little ones, he doesn’t want to put away the fun. He would rather hide with his dinosaurs, have a dance party, or talk about adventures far and wide,
Lambie’s big imagination helps him complete each task in his bedtime routine even though he says, “I DON’T WANT TO!”
Young children have an abundance of energy at the end of the day, making bedtime feel like a chore. But with a little creative twist, parents can engage in a personal connection with their child and gently guide them from playtime, through personal hygiene, to a calm, positive tucking in. Time for Jammies, Lambie demonstrates how combining play and bedtime routines can be the answer to a good night’s sleep.
Ages 3-8, 11”x8.5”