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Steppie Morris

Stephanie has been obsessed with books since she could read but gained her nickname, Steppie Dance, from her brother as an adult because she’s a dancer and her brother’s just plain crazy! But that fun nickname definitely seemed fitting to go on her children’s books. She is happiest surrounded by her family and has loved raising her five kids with a bedtime story nearly every night (even when they were teens—shhh, don’t tell)! When not reading, she can be found writing, cooking, in a yoga pose, or sneaking an extra chocolate chip cookie—with milk, of course. She lives in Arizona, where she enjoys the gorgeous winters, loves monsoon season, and doesn’t mind the heat. She continues her life-long obsession with books as a creative writing teacher and a successful writer of short stories, children’s books, and romance novels. She’s a devoted member of ANWA, even serving on their board of directors and, recently, as the Chair for their Annual Writers Conference. Steppie can be found @stephanieannmorris.author!

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I Hope Your Dreams Are Sweet

Written by Steppie Morris
Illustrated by Elysse Hopkins

By day, kids know just what to do; they work to make a mess or two. But nighttime comes, and eyes do droop, as over them their parents stoop to kiss and hug just one more time as they slip off to dreams sublime. Follow this family as they go through their evening routine for the perfect way to end a hectic day, help children wind down, and start a peaceful, restful night blanketed by love, hope, and affection.
Ages 1-6, 8.5”x8.5”



Que Tus Suenos Sean Dulces

Escrito por Steppie Morris
Ilustrado por Elysse Hopkins
Traducido por Elysse Hopkins

De día, saben que hacer los niños Se e sf uerzan a hacer un lío o dos Pero de noche cuando sus oji tos cier ran por encima de ellos los padre s se agachan Para darle s los últ imos abrazos y besos Mient ras con sueños sublimes se quedan dormidos. Sigue esta familia mientras pasan por su rutina de atardecer para tener la forma perfecta de cerrar un día agitado, ayudar a los niños a calmarse y empezar una noche de paz y descanso, cubrito por amor, esperanza y el afecto.
Ages 1-6, 8”x8”