Stephanie Wildman

Stephanie M. Wildman, author of the forthcoming Brave in the Water, became a Professor Emerita after serving as the John A. and Elizabeth H. Sutro Chair at Santa Clara Law. She directed the school’s Center for Social Justice and Public Service. In 2007 the Society of American Law Teachers, the largest national organization of law school faculty, honored her with their Great Teacher Award. Her most recent books include Race and Races: Cases and Resources for a Diverse America 3d (with Richard Delgado, Angela A. Harris, Juan F. Perea, and Jean Stefancic) (2015); Social Justice: Professionals Communities and Law (with Martha R. Mahoney and John O. Calmore) (2013) and Women and the Law Stories (with Elizabeth Schneider) (2011). Her book, Privilege Revealed: How Invisible Preference Undermines America (with contributions by Margalynne Armstrong, Adrienne D. Davis, & Trina Grillo) won the 1997 Outstanding Book Award from the Gustavus Meyers Center for Human Rights. She has authored dozens of law review articles and journalistic pieces. She is a grandmother, mother, spouse, friend, good listener, and she is able to sit “criss-cross apple sauce” thanks to her yoga practice.

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Brave in the Water

by Stephanie Wildman

Illustrated by Jenni Feidler-Aguilar

Are you afraid to put your face in the water? So is Diante. He would like to play in the pool with

other children. He’s not afraid to hang upside down, though, and he’s surprised to learn his grandma is. Can Diante help Grandma and become brave in the water?

Hardcover/Paperback, Ages 2-8, 11"x8.5"


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Valiente en el Agua

Escrito por Stephanie Wildman
Ilustrado por Jenni Feidler-Aguilar
Traducido por Cecilia Populus-Eudave

¿Tienes miedo de meter la cara en el agua? A Diante también le da miedo. Le gustaría jugar en la
alberca con otros niños. Sin embargo, no le da miedo colgarse boca abajo y se sorprende al saber que
a su abuela sí. ¿Puede Diante ayudar a su abuela y volverse valiente en el agua?
Ages 3-8, 11”x8.5”