Ryan Law

A Salt Lake City local, Ryan enjoys Mountain Dew, video games, art, spending time with family, and observing nature from the safety of his home or automotive vehicle. Ryan’s love for art blossomed while at Salt Lake Community College in the animation department. He later graduated from Broadview Entertainment Arts University (BEAU) with a Bachelor’s degree in Entertainment Design. Wanting to be an artist full time, Ryan, with loving support from his wife, quit his day job and started focusing on art. Through trial and error, mostly error… he finally found his artistic voice drawing plant creatures, his little mandrake Rootlets, and animals. He feels his sketchy design not only adds

texture to his work but creates movement. Ryan’s future goals are to continue to create art and make people smile for as long as he can.


Skimmer & Birdy - Let's Help Nell

by Carrie Turley

Illustrated by Ryan Law

Skimmer and Birdy are elephant friends

who love to have fun and play.

They giggle and laugh, they sing, and they dance—

until they see Nell pass their way.

Nell’s a giraffe, with a problem so tall,

her friends don’t know quite what to do.

But Skimmer and Birdy never give up.

They show that their friendship is true.

They help her in secret. They don’t ask for praise.

They don’t even want you to tell.

The very best part for Skimmer and Birdy

is the smile they put on Nell.

Hardcover, Ages 2-8, 8"x8"

Available January 19, 2021