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Top 10 Extra Special Back to School Books for an Extra Special School Year - By Shawna Della Cerra

As this school year commences, many feelings are circling in our hearts and minds. Lawley Publishing is spotlighting the Top 10 Back to School Books for an EXTRA SPECIAL School Year that is sure to set you and your family up for a positive social, emotional, and academic year ahead.

1. Babe the Ballerina Dog, Erin Mindes and Lindsey Furr

While May’s brother, August, is away at school, May diligently teaches her dog, Babe, how to be a ballerina. May naturally implements differentiated instruction during her time with Babe the Ballerina Dog. This is the perfect book for teachers and students alike, with a message of fur-family adoration and dedication to the love of learning.

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2. Each Kindness, Jacqueline Woodson

This Jane Addams Award book is sure to make an impact with its anti-bullying message. Written for 5–8-year-olds, this story would be a fabulous read-aloud for all to hear. Woodson shares a story of friends that are less than accepting of the new girl at school. Similar to the story The Hundred Dresses, this story will bring silence and deep thoughts to the listener while gingerly teaching the importance of acceptance. What action can you complete that will have a positive ripple effect?

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3. Fish in a Tree, Lynda Mullaly Hunt

Everyone faces different kinds of challenges. For some students, struggling with schoolwork can lead to negative behaviors at school. Thank goodness for educators like Fish in a Tree’s Mr. Daniels. His attentiveness to students allows Ally to face her challenges, consequently leading to positive changes in her outlook on school, approach to learning, and relationships. Your confidence in your differences will increase upon reading Hunt’s Fish in a Tree.

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