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Podcast and Early Release

This week has been one to remember. Our newest book Bucklebee Bunny, arrived early and hit the shelves with a vengeance! We are so excited to introduce the public to this cute story and to have it be a new Easter tradition in your homes.

On top of our early release, one of our owners, Lara Law was asked to be a guest speaker on the Courage Inspired Podcast with Sandra Jarvis. Sandra is a certified Life Coach and inspirational speaker who has one amazing story to tell. In her new book "Severed" (being released May 9th), you can read how severing her hand brought her to her career path of helping women gather courage , increase confidence and take control of their destinies.

Lara and Sandra have been friends/soul sisters for 15 years. Lara shares her insights about Sandra's accident and recovery, what brought her to be a Life Coaching client and how she overcame her own fears to move forward with her dreams and start Lawley Publishing with Co-Owner Carrie Turley.

We will keep you posted on when this podcast will air, so you can tune in. For more information about Sandra Jarvis and the amazing work she is doing for women, visit and check out her podcast on SoundCloud!

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