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Celebrating Autumn with Little Ones

By Elle Steward, author and illustrator of The Autumn Woodland Tea Party

Crisp air swirls through the forest, little creatures prepare for winter, and leaves float on the wind like stray pieces of a stained-glass masterpiece. Autumn is a magical season that tantalizes all the senses with beauty and wonder. Let’s explore some fun ways to savor this season with little ones by our side!


Bake blackberry muffins

My friend Fox (from The Autumn Woodland Tea Party) would say that there’s nothing that says fall like blackberry muffins. The warm smell of freshly baked pastry curling around the crisp fall air is enough to make anyone feel excited about the season. Need a recipe? Check this one out below!

Make homemade apple butter

One of my own favorite fall memories is the sweet smell of my mom’s homemade apple butter boiling on the stove. If you love to can, this is the perfect way to create memories that last all year round—safely stored in the pantry.

Drink apple tea

As an avid tea lover, I can’t pass by the opportunity to recommend tea as part of your autumn taste adventure. A good one to try in the fall is apple tea. If you want to make it a little extra special, put pumpkin pie creamer into it! This truly blends some of the best tastes of fall into one delightful sip.


If your house doesn’t already smell like a wonderful bakery from making all those delicious foods, you can always light an autumn candle to evoke the feel of the season. Are your little ones too young to understand fire safety? Try using an oil diffuser! Essential oils are a marvelous and clean way to fill your home with seasonal aromas. Spices like nutmeg and cinnamon or woodsy scents like vetiver and cedarwood are perfect for fall.


It’s time to work with our hands!

Crafts are a fantastic way for little ones to express their creativity, practice fine motor skills, learn something new, and just have fun. Here are a few cute ways to celebrate the season through crafts.

Autumn Leaf Crowns

Paper Strip Pumpkin

Cute Pinecone Hedgehog