Patricia and Robin Dewitt
Patricia and Robin are identical twin artists and art teachers specializing in Fine Art, Illustration, and Graphic Design. They both graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art with degrees in Illustration, Robin graduating with a master’s in Digital Design. Both artists have an extensive array of work experience, illustrating for publishers such as Stemmer House, Charles Bridge, Scholastic, Time Life, and many more.

Pigs Cover.jpg

Pigs Dancing Jigs

By Maxine Rose Schur

Illustrated by Patricia & Robin Dewitt

All the animals from A to Z

Are just as busy as they can be

If you want to see all they do

Then this book is just for you

Here's an alphabet book to delight young and old with animals as familiar to children as the cow and duck, and as unfamiliar as the impala and the zorilla. Rhyming words coupled with beautiful, detailed illustrations enhance the learning of the alphabet while also teaching about a variety of animals from around the world.

Kids and grown-ups alike will have more fun than a barrel of monkeys searching for the hidden letters in the art.

Hardcover, ages 3-8, 8.5"x11"

Marvelous Maze cover.jpg

The Marvelous Maze

by Maxine Rose Schur

Illustrated by Robin Dewitt & Patricia Dewitt-Grush

When a clever prince has a beautiful maze garden constructed and decrees that he will marry the princess who can find her way out, forty-three princesses try without success.  Will the plump, last princess succeed?

Hardcover, ages 3-8, 8.5"x11"


The First Jambalaya

by Patricia Dewitt-Grush

Illustrated by Robin Dewitt & Patricia Dewitt-Grush

Richeleaux, the raccoon, wants nothing more than to play his fiddle for a real audience, so he decides to have a jamboree. And what’s a party without food? While he busily prepares a delicious meal, Antoine, the alligator, hurries off to invite their friends. Soon, everyone in the Atchafalaya Swamp is excited for a fun-filled fais-do-do. When an unexpected rainstorm threatens to ruin the party before it even starts, Richelieu’s friends step in and save the day.

Set in the steamy bayous of the deep American south, this charming fairy tale full of friendship and hospitality will warm your heart and get your taste buds dancing. It includes recipes for Lip Smackin’ Jambalaya, Red Beans & Rice, and Sweet Praline

Candy so you can plan a fais-do-do of your very own!

Hardcover, ages 3-10, 8.5"x11"


The Children in the Box

by Steppie Morris

Illustrated by Patricia Dewitt-Grush & Robin Dewitt

Two children, orphaned through war and disease, weather the winter as best they can in the wooden box they call home. As this young man works hard to provide for himself and his little sister, he faces a gut-wrenching choice. He finds a large sum of money - but he know who it belongs to.

Will he muster enough courage to return it to its rightful owner? Or will he choose to purchase necessities that he and his sister have long gone without? Will they have a warm, full-bellied Christmas after all?

A heart-tugging story about the power of family, the beauty of kindness, and the strength, goodness, and courage inside each of us.

Hardcover ages 5-12, 8.5"x11"

Available Soon

Punk Wig

by Lori Ries

Illustrated by Patricia Dewitt-Grush & Robin Dewitt

A parent's cancer diagnosis and the chemotherapy treatments that follow can be scary for any child. This heartwarming story will delight all readers as they watch this mother and daughter face the unknown with the help of one very bright, very spunky wig.

From the first hospital visit to the celebratory dinner at remission, Punk Wig will have readers cheering them on.

Hardcover/Paperback ages 4-12, 8.5"x8.5"