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Paris Juliana

Paris was born and raised in Arizona. She’s been drawing ever since she can remember and, as a self taught artist, has always had aspirations for a career in art. My Little Redheaded Sister is her first project as a professional illustrator, and she had a great time getting to know the girls and incorporating their personalities into the illustrations.

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My Little Redheaded Sister

by Christy Lee

Illustrated by Paris Juliana

Being a big sister is a tough job - especially to a redheaded attention grabber. Find out how the big sister in this story learns to recognize her own worth and focus on the positive things about her younger sibling. In the end, she realizes just how lucky she is.

Hardcover, Ages 3-8, 8"x8"

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Mi Hermanita Pelirroja

por Christy Lee

Illustrated por Paris Juliana

Ser la hermana mayor es un trabajo Mi Hermanita

difícil especialmente para una pelirroja

acostumbrada a la atención de todos.

Descubre como la hermana mayor en esta

historia aprende a reconocer sus propios

valores y enfocarlos a cosas positivas

acerca de su hermana pequeña. Al fi nal,

ella se da cuenta lo afortunada que es.

Hardcover, Ages 3-8, 8"x8"