Marsha Jackson

Marsha’s home, which is surrounded by flowers, is in

Gilbert, Arizona, where she lives with her husband, Dane. They raised six wonderful children, who then gave them twenty-three amazing grandkids!

“My love of hollyhocks began in 1997 when I was given a little envelope of seeds from my brother-in-law, Sheldon. The first time my seeds bloomed and surrounded my home, I was hooked! Thousands of hollyhocks have grown from that little envelope, and I have shared my seeds with hundreds of people. Years ago, I discovered an old cross-stitch of Holly Hobby I did as a teenager. I always loved that little girl. When I realized the name, Holly Hobby, and my favorite flowers were the same, the stories of Holly’s Hollyhocks began.”


Holly's Hollyhocks

by Marsha Jackson

Illustrated by Sheena Whatcott

Come along with Holly as she discovers the joy of planting Hollyhock seeds and why these

beautiful flowers are so popular with everyone who sees them. This sweet story, along with

the darling watercolor illustrations, will make you want to plant your very own Hollyhocks.

Hardcover/Paperback, Ages 3-8, 8"x8"