Kim Bushman Aguilar

Kim Bushman Aguilar aspired to be a children’s book author during her college years, where she worked in the Children’s Book Department of the BYU Bookstore. Her favorites were: The Grump, by Mark Ludy, The Quiltmaker’s Git, by Jeff Brumbeau, and Herb the Vegetarian Dragon, by Jules Bass. She makes an effort to be as pleasant as possible, learned to quilt on YouTube, and most decidedly is NOT a vegetarian.

Kim has traveled extensively throughout the world, including 18 months as a missionary in Ecuador. She currently resides in Boise, Idaho with her husband Jose, and their son Clark – she loves them with her whole heart.

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Use Your Words

by Kim Bushman Aguilar

Illustrated by Spencer Liriano Navarro

Does your mom ever tell you to "USE YOUR WORDS?" Does she remind you to say "THE MAGIC WORDS?" Do you remember what they are? Yep, of course you do! Please and thank you! And guess what? In this book, you'll learn a few more!

From "CLATTER" and "SIZZLE" to "HOPSCOTCH" and "FLIBBERTIGIBBET", USE YOUR WORDS is a book for young, emergent readers (ages 4-7) that teaches vocabulary in a fun, quirky style.

Explore a world where words are the illustrations, and reflect the meanings of the words in a literal way. Bold and colorful, USE YOUR WORDS is not only about learning vocabulary; it's a lesson on etiquette - a call to courage - and reminds its young readers to "ALWAYS SAY THE BEST WORDS."

Hardcover ages 4-7, 8.5"x8.5"

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I Love You Across the World

by Kim Bushman Aguilar

Illustrated by Jenni Feidler-Aguilar

Have you ever wanted to travel across the world? Maybe go on an African safari, or swim with the dolphins in Hawaii? Perhaps you'd rather sail the Nile or ride a limo through New York in style? In this big, beautiful world, you never know just how far you can go! But don't make me chase, take me along in your suitcase!

I Love You Across the World is a delightful journey to every corner of the globe. Each page celebrates another far-flung location and culture, with the words "I love you" translated into many different languages. I Love You Across the World - appreciated by world travelers and toddlers alike - is the perfect gift for readers of all ages who have someone to love.

Hardcover, ages 2-12, 11"x8.5"