Karli West Denton

Karli lives in Mesa, Arizona. She loves the heat, the desert, the sunsets, and the rainstorms. Karli married her 9th-grade crush in 2013, and they are raising their kids just a few blocks from where they both grew up. While being a stay-at-home-mom, she uses her Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance by teaching voice lessons in her home during the week and singing with community choirs every chance she gets. After long days full of dance parties, dirty diapers, kissing owies, and mediating who gets the blue plate, Karli can be found with Cowboy Fries and Dr. Pepper, surrounded by a mountain of art supplies.

The World Can Wait - For Moms

by Julianne Heywood

Illustrated by Karli West Denton

Time will come and go; the years will fly away,

but I’m so glad to be here while we enjoy today!

Moms don’t get awards or paychecks for being a mom. They get something even better—time with their children. This sweet book depicts how mothers use all their wonderful talents right at home with their own beloved children as they fulfill the vital work of motherhood.

Shared from the perspective of a mother’s heart, a child will feel their unique and irreplaceable place in her world as they see and read about how she enjoys spending time with them.

Hardcover, Ages 2-8, 11"x8.5"

Available April 6, 2021