Jesi Yap

Jesi began drawing as a way to escape reality, and all her best ideas come while she's daydreaming about magical places. If she could live anywhere, it would be Neverland because then she'd never have to grow up. She enjoys cooking for her husband and four kids, jamming out on the guitar and cello, and eating chocolate every day. She firmly believes that a book isn't worth reading unless it has illustrations.

Adam the Ant

Adam the Ant 

Hero of Insectum Academy

by Julie Awerkamp & Holly Andreason

Illustrations by Jesi Yap

Have you ever dreamed of being a hero? Adam is a creative, hardworking ant who LOVES to dig. Because he is surrounded by talented classmates who have no interest in playing in the dirt, Adam often feels left out. However, when catastrophe strikes, he realizes his strengths may be the only chance to save the buglings of Insectum Academy.

Hardcover, ages 2-8, 8.5"x11"

Adan la Hormiga

Adán la Hormiga

por Julie Awerkamp y Holly Andreason

ilustrado por Jesi Yap

¿Aguna vez has soñado con ser un héroe?

Adán es una hormiga creativa y trabajadora al que le encanta cavar. Debido a que está rodeado de compañeros talentosos que no tienen interés en jugar en la tierra, a menudo Adán se siente excluido.

Sin embargo, cuando ocurre una catástrofe, Adán se da cuenta de que sus fortalezas pueden ser le única oportunidad para salvar a los bichitos de La Academia Insectum.

Rae's Rainy Day cover.jpg

Rae's Rainy Day

by Julie Awerkamp & Holly Andreason

Illustrated by Jesi Yap

Rae is a cheerful sun who always

wakes up excited to shine her brightest.

Because she is usually so happy, Rae is

surprised one morning when she feels

a little gloomy. With some help from

a cloud friend named Gust, she realizes

that it’s okay to have a rainy day.

Hardcover/Paperback, ages 2-8, 8.5"x11"

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Madeline the Mermaid

by Julie Awerkamp & Holly Andreason

Illustrated by Jesi Yap

Madeline doesn't think she will ever be happy as a pink mermaid living in a black and white ocean. One day she meets some friends who help her appreciate her own special identity. This gives her the confidence to proudly proclaim, "I add color to the world, you see. I am happy being uniquely me."

Hardcover ages 2-8, 8.5"x11"