Jenny Griffith

Jenny Griffith is the award-winning author of over 30 books. She loves old cars, landscape paintings, fresh bread with raspberry jam, and reading. She lived in Japan during college, where she once ate a cricket on a dare. She also traveled through Europe, where she slept a night in a castle on the Rhine. Jenny worked summers in a cookie factory, and she spent a few years working for the U.S. Congress before becoming a wife, a mom, and an author.

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The Bored Game Candy Kingdom

Candy Kingdom - The Bored Game (book 1)

by Jenny Griffith

Illustrated by Elysse Hopkins

When Ellie and her brother Zeb get dropped off for vacation at Grandma's house, they know they are in for a rough summer. No TV, raisin cookies, a very grumpy cat, and everything fun is off limits! And what's up with the secret, locked room and its closet full of forbidden games?

A board game with bright colors and sugary-looking pieces keeps calling to Ellie. When Grandma sort of gives them permission to try it, they jump at the chance. With one flick of the spinner, things get sticky. Ellie and Zeb are swept into an adventure, both sweet and scary in the Candy Kingdom!

Paperback, ages 7-12, 6"x9"