Jen Brewer

Jen is a nourisher of bodies and souls. When she’s not caring for her children or planning date nights with her husband, you will find her writing, speaking or building up forgotten communities in Guatemala through digging gardens and nutrition education. Born and raised in Burley, Idaho, she now claims Minnesota as home, but has instilled within her children a love of all things potato and misses her western mountains terribly. A lover of warmth, but living her whole life with white winters, Jen has grown to embrace all that snow offers, including a way to get her kids to be kind during the stressful holiday season.


The Kindness Snowflake

by Jen Brewer

Illustrated by Diana Del Grande

Have you ever wondered how snowflakes are formed and why they are important? You can learn along with Mary as her mom teachers her about the wonderful world of snow.

The fun doesn't stop there. Mary hatches a plan to make a special snowflake that helps spread love to all around.

Will The Kindness Snowflake be enough to melt the heart of grumpy old Mr. Henderson? Turn the pages to find out.

This colorful book teaches the powerful effects that one small act of kindness cantering and includes directions for making your own Kindness Snowflake so you can join Mary in spreading the love.

Hardcover/Paperback ages 3-8, 8.5"x11"