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Elle Steward

Elle is a creative-hearted ginger with a poetic soul. Growing up around the world, books were both her home and her escape. Writing a book of her own has been a dream of hers since she was a child and today you hold her dream in your hands. 


Through life’s dark days, Elle learned to look for God’s goodness in the simple things and to cultivate beauty all around her. Now Elle’s passion is to make a haven of beauty with her creations and share a bit of hope and happiness with the world.


Elle lives in Missouri with her family and her precious dog, Rosie. From there, she runs her online arts and crafts business, Elle’s Cottage, which you can find at


The Autumn Woodland Tea Party

by Elle Steward

The weather is getting chilly, and Fox wants to have a tea party. But he'll have to hurry because Hedgehog and Bear are getting ready to hibernate, and Squirrel is busy gathering food for the winter. What better way to celebrate the comforts of friendship than with freshly baked blackberry muffins and heather tea? Set in an enchanting autumnal woodland, this cozy tale will take you back to your childhood and warm your heart.

Hardcover 8.5"x8.5" ages 3-8