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Curious World of Dandy-Lion

by Lorraine Hawley
Illustrated by Jocie Salveson


Sweet. Empowering. Fantastical.

A remarkable sensitive girl struggles to make friends in an impossible fifth-grade world filled with magical creatures only she can see.

In a small Indiana town, Meredith experiences whimsical within the mundane. Fireflies dance inside lampposts, flowers wave in greeting, and an opinionated beetle named Floss wreaks havoc

on her life. No one believes her—not even her parents—but more pressing problems are at hand.

the widower neighbor, who is like her grandparent, won’t leave his home. He has been jinxed, Meredith believes, by Billy, aka her bully. Desperate to free Mr. Dally, Meredith devises a plan. What can go wrong?

With Floss sabotaging her? Everything. The task may be more than she can handle alone.

When Meredith meets Jax, a curious boy who claims to see her extraordinary friends. He agrees to help. Against her better judgment, Meredith leads him inside her fantastical world only to

discover Jax has plans of his own.

Hardcover, Ages 9-12, 6"x9"


Gullible Gus

by Maxine Rose Schur

Illustrated by Andrew Glass

Poor Gus! He's so gullible, he believes everything people tell him. Everything! The other cowboys feed him lies and tall tales - just to see if he'll swallow their silly stories. Their teasing makes him sadder than dry soup. But luckily, Doc Hickory knows a cure for gullibility, and it starts with a visit to Fibrock, a town full of liars. Can the biggest fibber in Fibrock teach Gus the difference between fact and falsehood? Maybe it's not always clear which is which...

Hardcover, ages 7-12, 6"x9"

A Junior Library Guild Selection

"This darn good yarn will have kids galloping through the pages." - Kirkus Review

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What if...?

A Poppenohna Land Adventure

by Carrie Turley

Illustrated by Lara Law

Murray and Apple Blossom are not your average gnomes. Average gnomes stay home.

Tempted by the excitement of adventure, they stumble upon a red plank door nestled into the base of a giant oak tree. There is just one problem — it’s locked. While searching for a way inside, they discover the tree sits on the edge of a magical glade full of surprises and embark on the grandest adventure of their lives. When the protective shield of the glade is breached, they are forced to separate. Murray heads out in search of an unknown beast, armed with nothing but his courage and the magic of his new friends. Apple Blossom stays behind and faces her own challenge — hide everyone! As the fate of the secret glade unfolds, the gnomes each wrestle with secrets of their own. Ones that will change their future forever.

What if Murray finds more than he expects? What if the beast isn’t their biggest problem? And…What if the red plank door reveals the biggest secret of all? 

-Paperback/Hardcover, Middle-Grade Fantasy Adventure for all ages, 6"x9"