Carrie Turley

Carrie is a child whisperer. She loves serving her 3 children, their amazing spouses, and adoring husband in any way she can. She can often be found in a world of make-believe with her 6 grandchildren pulling her along. Her career as a writer began when she won a writing competition in elementary school and had her book "Mystery in Owl Town" placed in the school library. Stories and rhymes pop into her head to keep her laughing, sometimes at the most inopportune times. She loves writing and sharing her creativity with others.

What if A Poppenohna Land Adventure

What If...? A Poppenohna Land Adventure

Written by Carrie Turley

Illustrations by Lara Law

Murray and Apple Blossom are not your average gnomes. Average gnomes stay home.

Tempted by the excitement of adventure, they stumble upon a red plank door nestled into the base of a giant oak tree. There is just one problem — it’s locked. While searching for a way inside, they discover the tree sits on the edge of a magical glade full of surprises and embark on the grandest adventure of their lives. When the protective shield of the glade is breached, they are forced to separate. Murray heads out in search of an unknown beast, armed with nothing but his courage and the magic of his new friends. Apple Blossom stays behind and faces her own challenge — hide everyone! As the fate of the secret glade unfolds, the gnomes each wrestle with secrets of their own. Ones that will change their future forever.

What if Murray finds more than he expects? What if the beast isn’t their biggest problem? And…What if the red plank door reveals the biggest secret of all? 

-Paperback/Hardcover, Middle-Grade Fantasy Adventure for all ages, 6"x9"-


Skimmer & Birdy - Let's Help Nell

by Carrie Turley

Illustrated by Ryan Law

Skimmer and Birdy are elephant friends

who love to have fun and play.

They giggle and laugh, they sing, and they dance—

until they see Nell pass their way.

Nell’s a giraffe, with a problem so tall,

her friends don’t know quite what to do.

But Skimmer and Birdy never give up.

They show that their friendship is true.

They help her in secret. They don’t ask for praise.

They don’t even want you to tell.

The very best part for Skimmer and Birdy

is the smile they put on Nell.

Hardcover, Ages 2-8, 8"x8"

Screen Shot 2021-03-12 at 8.43.23 AM.png

Skimmer y Birdy - Ayudemos a Nel

por Carrie Turley

Illustrado por Ryan Law

Skimmer y Birdy son amigos elefantes

a los que les encanta divertirse y jugar.

Se ríen y se ríen, cantan y bailan,

hasta que ven a Nel pasar frente a ellos.

Nel es una jirafa, con un problema tan grande que sus amigos no saben muy bien qué hacer.

Pero Skimmer y Birdy nunca se rinden.

Demuestran que su amistad es verdadera.

La ayudan en secreto. No piden elogios.

Ni siquiera quieren que se lo cuentes.

Lo mejor para Skimmer y Birdy

es la sonrisa que le pusieron a Nel.

Hardcover, Ages 2-8, 8"x8"