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Brityn Willis Bennet

Brityn was born in Arizona but feels blessed to have lived and traveled in many more states and countries,

including Russia and the Middle East. From the beginning of her art training at a young age, people and their stories have

been her favorite subject. Once when standing in a fl ood in central America, overwhelmed by all the need in the world,

a powerful message came to her mind: you can only do what one person can do, but do what one person can do. Th is

belief that each person matters and no eff ort is too small is her guiding light as an illustrator, and she hopes readers will

forgive imperfections. She has illustrated two other children’s books; Th e Bushmans Come to America and Th e Bushmans

in Nauvoo. She currently lives in Las Vegas with her husband and four cherished children.