Amy Despain
Amy was born and raised in Mesa, Az. She loves being an elementary school librarian. She has a passion for children's literature. She believes in fairies and thinks doughnuts are delicious.
The Hair Fairies
Las hadas del pelo

The Hair Fairies

Written By Amy Despain

Illustrated By Savannah Whetten

If you woke up this morning, 

with your hair big and tangled from sleep.

Maybe you had trouble snoozing last night, 

or maybe there's a secret to keep.

There might be another reason,

why your hair is huge and a mess.

The Hair Fairies are at it again,

having fun with your hair while you rest.

Hardcover 11"x8.5" ages 2-8

Las Hadas del Pelo

por Amy Despain

Ilustrado por Savannah Whetten

Si te despertaras esta mañana, 

con tu cabello alborotado y enredado por el sueño.

Tal vez no dormiste muy bien anoche,

O tal vez hay un secreto Escondido.

Puede haber otra razón 

Por la que tu cabello es enorme y desordenado.

Las hadas del pelo están de nuevo,

Divirtiéndose con tu cabello mientras duermes.


Tangled Trouble (The Hair Fairies)

Written By Amy Despain

Illustrated By Savannah Whetten

There's trouble tonight while you're snoozing,

while you lay in your bed and dream.

A little Hair Fairy named Trudy

has opened your can of frosting.

The cookies you left on the counter

are too tempting for her to resist.

Her sticky fingers and toes

have made a mess that shouldn't be missed.

Hardcover, 11"x8.5", ages 2-8