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I Love You Across the World

by Kim Bushman Aguilar

Illustrated by Jenni Feidler-Aguilar

Hardcover, Ages 2-12, 11"x8.5"

Available January 25, 2022


Holly and the Secret Seeds

by Marsha Jackson

Illustrated by Sheena Whatcott

Hardcover, Ages 4-12, 8.5"x8.5"

Available February 8, 2022


Magnificent Me!

by Randa Canter

Illustrated by Rebecca Tibbetts

Hardcover, Ages 4-12, 11"x8.5"

Available February 22, 2022


Tell Everyone

Break the Silence of Child Abuse

by Kim Bushman Aguilar

Illustrated by Brityn Willis Bennett

Hardcover, all ages, 11"x8.5"

Available April 12, 2022

Available Soon

Ten Crazy Kittens Try, Try Again

by Lori Ries

Illustrated by Lara Law

Paperback, Ages 4-10, 8"x8"

Available March 1, 2022

Available Soon

Punk Wig

by Lori Ries

Illustrated by Patricia Dewitt-Grush

& Robin Dewitt

Hardcover/Paperback, Ages 4-12, 8.5"x8.5"

Available May 17, 2022

Guide to Unicorns cover.jpg
Available Soon

Thaddeus Thayn's
Guide to Unicorns

by Ryan Law

Hardcover, Ages 3-10, 8.5"x8.5"

Available June 14, 2022

Available Soon

Friends Come in All Sizes

by Raven Howell

Illustrated by Audrey Day

Hardcover, ages 2-8, 11"x8.5"

Available June 21, 2022