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My Little Redheaded Sister

by Christy Lee

Illustrated by Paris Juliana

Being a big sister is a tough job - especially to a redheaded attention grabber. Find out how the big sister in this story learns to recognize her own worth and focus on the positive things about her younger sibling. In the end, she realizes just how lucky she is.

Hardcover, Ages 3-8, 8"x8"

Available January 2021

Pigs Dancing Jigs

By Maxine Rose Schur

Illustrated by Patricia & Robin Dewitt

All the animals from A to Z

Are just as busy as they can be

If you want to see all they do

Then this book is just for you

Here's an alphabet book to delight young and old with animals as familiar to children as the cow and duck, and as unfamiliar as the impala and the zorilla. Rhyming words coupled with beautiful, detailed illustrations enhance the learning of the alphabet while also teaching about a variety of animals from around the world.

Kids and grown-ups alike will have more fun than a barrel of monkeys searching for the hidden letters in the art.

Hardcover, ages 3-8, 8.5"x11"

Available February 2021

Now Available!

Books for Ages 2-8

Adam the Ant 

Hero of Insectum Academy

by Julie Awerkamp & Holly Andreason

Illustrations by Jesi Yap

Have you ever dreamed of being a hero? Adam is a creative, hardworking ant who LOVES to dig. Because he is surrounded by talented classmates who have no interest in playing in the dirt, Adam often feels left out. However, when catastrophe strikes, he realizes his strengths may be the only chance to save the buglings of Insectum Academy.

Hardcover, ages 2-8, 8.5"x11"

The Biggest Yawn Ever

by Jen de Azevedo

Illustrations by Lindsey Furr

Chad has a lot to talk about, but he can't stop yawning. Can you figure out what he's trying to day? A humorous peek at a day in the life of a young boy trying desperately to stay awake. This fun story has more than one ending. In fact, it might have more endings than you can imagine.

Paperback, ages 2-8, 8"x8"

electric book Jennifer de Azevedo


by Jennifer de Azevedo

Illustrations by Trini Law

The little boy in this story is full of wild, uncontrollable energy. Discover why his mom calls him ELECTRIC.

An energizing story of a mother's unconditional love for her son.

Paperback, ages 2-8, 8.5"x11"

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Candy Kingdom - The Bored Game (book 1)

by Jenny Griffith

Illustrated by Elysse Hopkins

When Ellie and her brother Zeb get dropped off for vacation at Grandma's house, they know they are in for a rough summer. No TV, raisin cookies, a very grumpy cat, and everything fun is off limits! And what's up with the secret, locked room and its closet full of forbidden games?

A board game with bright colors and sugary-looking pieces keeps calling to Ellie. When Grandma sort of gives them permission to try it, they jump at the chance. With one flick of the spinner, things get sticky. Ellie and Zeb are swept into an adventure, both sweet and scary in the Candy Kingdom!

Paperback, ages 7-12, 6"x9"

Available February 2021

The Marvelous Maze

By Maxine Rose Schur

Illustrated by Patricia & Robin Dewitt

When a clever prince has a beautiful maze garden constructed and decrees that he will marry the princess who can find her way out, forty-three princesses try without success.  Will the plump, last princess succeed?

Hardcover, ages 3-8, 8.5"x11"

Available December 2020

Bear's Book of Emotions

by Tyler Beckstrand

This book teaches children how to identify their feelings - a necessary skill in developing emotional intelligence. By viewing emotions as valid and worthwhile, children are better able to demonstrate empathy and strengthen relationships with others - and themselves.

Hardcover, ages 2-8, 8"x8"

Bucklebee Bunny

Bucklebee Bunny

by Lara Law

Have you ever wondered what happens in Cabbageville, the tiny town where Easter is made? Meet Bucklebee Bunny, an egg painter, and see how he learns to recognize his potential and his special role in his town.  A story of self love and learning to let our gifts and talents shine.

Paperback, ages 2-8, 8.5"x11"

The Hair Fairies

The Hair Fairies

Written By Amy Despain

Illustrated By Savannah Whetten

If you woke up this morning, 

with your hair big and tangled from sleep.

Maybe you had trouble snoozing last night, 

or maybe there's a secret to keep.

There might be another reason,

why your hair is huge and a mess.

The Hair Fairies are at it again,

having fun with your hair while you rest.

Hardcover 11"x8.5" ages 2-8

Mom's Many Hats

By Karlie Burnham

Illustrated By Andrea Stevenson

Moms from all walks of life do so much for the ones they love! This fun, colorful book reminds us of all the jobs moms do from day to day. Filled with creative hats to represent each job, this rhyming story pays tribute to all moms everywhere. The darling characters leap from the page and into your heart. It will leave you wondering... is there anything Mom can't do??

Paperback & Hardcover, ages 2-8, 8"x8"

Tangled Trouble (The Hair Fairies)

by Amy Despain

Illustrated by Savannah Whetten

There's trouble tonight while you're snoozing,

while you lay in your bed and dream.

A little Hair Fairy named Trudy

has opened your can of frosting.

The cookies you left on the counter

are too tempting for her to resist.

Her sticky fingers and toes

have made a mess that shouldn't be missed.

Hardcover, ages 3-8, 11"x8.5"

Gullible Gus

by Maxine Rose Schur

Illustrated by Andrew Glass

Poor Gus! He's so gullible, he believes everything people tell him. Everything! The other cowboys feed him lies and tall tales - just to see if he'll swallow their silly stories. Their teasing makes him sadder than dry soup. But luckily, Doc Hickory knows a cure for gullibility, and it starts with a visit to Fibrock, a town full of liars. Can the biggest fibber in Fibrock teach Gus the difference between fact and falsehood? Maybe it's not always clear which is which...

Hardcover, ages 7-12, 6"x9"

A Junior Library Guild Selection

"This darn good yarn will have kids galloping through the pages." - Kirkus Review

Uniquely You!

Uniquely You!

Written By Randa Canter

Illustrated By Amanda Kriese

When friends, Parker and Crew, recognize all the ways they are different and the same as each other, their lives become full of new and exciting adventures! Join them on their journey of showing how to be Uniquely You!

Hardcover 11"x8.5" ages 2-8

Books for Ages 8-12 (Middle Grade)

We Found You!

a book about adoption

by Tyler Beckstrand

We Found You! is the story of two people that want to be parents more than anything in the world. But, having a baby can sometimes be hard to do. Join them on their adventures as they take to the seas, climb the highest peaks, and even fly to the moon to find the family they were always meant to have. Together they face heartache and joy in a journey that leads to the beautiful, and selfless, idea called adoption. Parents and children alike will be captivated by the charming rhymes and playful illustrations that share how refusing to give up grew a family.

Hardcover, ages 3-10, 11"x8.5"

What if A Poppenohna Land Adventure

What If...? A Poppenohna Land Adventure

Written by Carrie Turley

Illustrations by Lara Law

Murray and Apple Blossom are not your average gnomes. Average gnomes stay home.

Tempted by the excitement of adventure, they stumble upon a red plank door nestled into the base of a giant oak tree. There is just one problem — it’s locked. While searching for a way inside, they discover the tree sits on the edge of a magical glade full of surprises and embark on the grandest adventure of their lives. When the protective shield of the glade is breached, they are forced to separate. Murray heads out in search of an unknown beast, armed with nothing but his courage and the magic of his new friends. Apple Blossom stays behind and faces her own challenge — hide everyone! As the fate of the secret glade unfolds, the gnomes each wrestle with secrets of their own. Ones that will change their future forever.

What if Murray finds more than he expects? What if the beast isn’t their biggest problem? And…What if the red plank door reveals the biggest secret of all? 

-Paperback/Hardcover, Middle-Grade Fantasy Adventure for all ages, 6"x9"-

Books in Spanish

Adán la Hormiga

por Julie Awerkamp y Holly Andreason

ilustrado por Jesi Yap

¿Aguna vez has soñado con ser un héroe?

Adán es una hormiga creativa y trabajadora al que le encanta cavar. Debido a que está rodeado de compañeros talentosos que no tienen interés en jugar en la tierra, a menudo Adán se siente excluido.

Sin embargo, cuando ocurre una catástrofe, Adán se da cuenta de que sus fortalezas pueden ser le única oportunidad para salvar a los bichitos de La Academia Insectum.

¡El Bostezo mas Grande de Todos los Tiempos!

por Jennifer de Azevedo

Ilustrado por Lindsey Furr

Chad tiene mucho de que hablar, pero no puede dejar de bostezar. ¿Puedes entender lo que está tratando de decir? Una vista humorístico a un día en la vida de un niño tratando desesperadamente de permanecer despierto. Esta divertida historia tiene más de un final. De hecho, podría tener más finales de lo que puedas imaginar.


por Jennifer de Azevedo

Ilustrado por Trini Law

El niño pequeño en esta historia está lleno de energía salvaje e incontrolable. Descubre por qué su madre lo llama ELÉCTRICO. Una historia energizarte del amor incondicional de una madre por su hijo.

¡Eres Único!

por Randa Canter

Ilustrado por Amanda Kriese

Cuando los amigos Parker y Crew reconocen todas las formas en que son diferentes e iguales entre sí, !sus vidas se llenan de aventuras nuevas y emocionantes! ¡Únase a ellos en su viaje para mostrarle a Ud. cómo ser una persona única!

Las Hadas del Pelo

por Amy Despain

Ilustrado por Savannah Whetten

Si te despertaras esta mañana, 

con tu cabello alborotado y enredado por el sueño.

Tal vez no dormiste muy bien anoche,

O tal vez hay un secreto Escondido.

Puede haber otra razón 

Por la que tu cabello es enorme y desordenado.

Las hadas del pelo están de nuevo,

Divirtiéndose con tu cabello mientras duermes.

El Libro de Emociones de Oso

por Tyler Beckstrand

Este libro enseña a los niños y niñas como identificar sus sentimientos - una habilidad necesaria para desarrollar inteligencia emocional. Entendiendo sus emociones como algo valioso e importante, niños y niñas pueden demostrar mejor la empatía y fortalecer sus relaciones con los demás - y ellos mismos.

La Historia del Conejo Bucklebee

La Historia del Conejo Bucklebee

Por Lara Law

¿Alguna vez te has preguntado qué sucede en Cabbageville, el pequeño pueblo donde se hace la Pascua?

Conozca a Bucklebee Bunny, un pintor de huevos, y ve cómo aprende a reconocer su potencial y su papel especial en su pueblo. Una historia de amor propio y aprender a dejar brillar nuestros dones y talentos.

Los Papeles de Una Mamá

por Karlie Burnham

Ilustrado por Andrea Stevenson

¡Madres de todos los caminos de la vida hacen tanto por aquellos que aman! Este librito, tan divertido y colorido, nos recuerda de todas las tareas y trabajos que hace nuestros madres diariamente. Llena de sombreros creativos que representan cada trabajo, esté historia rima rinde tributo a todas las madres en todas partes. Los caracteres adorables saltan de las páginas y entran tu corazón. Te preguntarás: "¿Hay algo que una madre no puede hacer?"